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Corporate Real Estate  and Visitor Management

How can efficient, seamless visitor management help Corporate Real Estate professionals?

Covid-19 has brought huge implications to the Corporate Real Estate (CRE) industry. As thousands of businesses close their doors and move to home working, the CRE industry must adapt quickly to economic and technological changes.  Learn more through our blogscase studies and videos...

Responding to economic issues

The economy has been hugely impacted by the pandemic and this has had an impact on the CRE industry:

  • Loss of revenue in rent defaults
  • Cash management has become leaner and more strategic
  • Projects are on hold or cancelled, resulting in money losses
  • Office estates have been affected by WFH initiatives
  • Tenants have been lost to WFH
  • Have to adjust rents to keep customers

Adapt to the new normal

The CRE industry must implement new processes to adhere to the ‘new normal’, including:

  • Provide a digital tenant and customer experience
  • Provide a safe experience in commercial properties
  • Provide more digital offerings to ensure contactless
  • Must prepare for the new normal
  • Must increase cyber security and data privacy

Key points for CRE

A Vgreet solution is cost effective:

  • ROI can be seen within the first year
  • Analytics enables areas to be cleaned that have been used only, saving sanitation costs
  • Re-configure workspaces efficiently, save money
  • Deal with one company to implement a cost-effective solution in all commercial properties
Visitor experience is taken care of:
  • Customisable workflows tailored to each property
  • Can add track and trace functionality
  • Pre-registration
  • QR code functionality
  • Touch-less and contactless functionality
  • Digital meeting room bookings
  • Space management
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